craniosacral therapy



Craniosacral therapy is a non-invasive, particularly gentle, yet effective, form of treatment.


Its name derives from the Latin names of the cranium and the sacrum, as these organs form the two endpoints of the craniosacralis (craniosacral) system bounded by the spinal canal. The therapy proved to be effective for a number of acute illnesses and used for long periods of time in the treatment of physical and emotional problems.




Covering the brain and the spinal cord is circulating the cerebrospinal fluid and its circulation has a palpable rhythm,  just like heartbeat or breathing. That's why this is the third big rhythm of the organization. Here the central nervous system develops, which is connected to all organs and affects their functioning. However, in order for our body to work harmoniously, it is necessary for the cerebral and spinal fluid to flow smoothly into the system.


The craniosacral therapy uses a very gentle touch. Patients are dressed and relaxed during the treatment. Many fall asleep.



One treatment takes approx. one hour (75 minutes).

8000 Forint / Treatment



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