Yogaflow class schedule & prices

NOV 2018




E - yoga class in English                   

H - yoga class in Hungarian

Please sign up for Saturday’s Thematic Yoga classes. 

Thematic classes are for advanced Yogis and the ‘your first class is free’ offer is NOT valid for them.

Please sign up for study-based Class Visits. 

Study Visits with 10% student discount.


Your first yoga class

Free of charge


50+ Yoga

60 minutes yoga class    

1100 HUF

Vinyasa, Hatha, Ashtanga

90 minutes yoga class      

1500 HUF

Prenatal yoga & Baby yoga

90 minutes yoga class      

1500 HUF

Children's yoga

45 minutes yoga class      

1000 HUF

5 class pass (valid for 3 months) *

7.000 HUF 

10 class pass (valid for 3 months) *

13.000 HUF 

1 month unlimited class pass *

14.000 HUF 


Pensioners & Students

10% discount


Private Yoga classes      

By arrangement. Please contact me for further details.

Craniosacral Therapy

8000 HUF/ Treatment (75 mins)

By arrangement. Please contact us for further details.

 *Monthly class pass and 10 class passes are personal, not transferable.

No student or pensioner discount available with this promotion.